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Ëar Quessë (Sea Feather)

Named in Quenya, the language developed by J.R.R. Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings and it's surrounding literature, this collaboration between Nate Zimmerman of zimKnives and Joe Schrum of Halcyon Forge is a work of functional fantasy art pulled directly from the pages of your favorite novels.

Just over 30 inches overall, one massive feather Damascus billet stretches the entire length of the elegantly flowing blade, terminating in a guard forged and carved from wrought iron, and a grip of dyed and stabilized birch burl with some lovely spalting and curl to the grain. It features takedown construction with a threaded pommel nut.

Joe and Nate are both massive fans of fantasy games and literature, and this blade originated with their love of the Elven styling in famous fantasy pieces such as The Forgotten Realms and The Lord of the Rings. Being very "Art Nouveau" at it's heart, this style lends itself to elegant flowing lines and beautiful delicate geometry.

This piece handles wonderfully and is a fully functional saber/hangar type sword. It has a fuller running the entire length of the blade, and thus feels light and quick in the hand. A well renowned sword maker, after handling the piece, called it "live steel".

Ëar Quessë (Sea Feather)

$6,942.00 Regular Price
$6,192.00Sale Price
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