​How Do I Place An Order?


Many of our knives are made to order.  Submit through our contact form, or send a direct email to us to chat about what we can do for you.  The wait time on custom orders can be quite long, often several months.  Please plan for this when ordering.  


We ask a nonrefundable deposit of $50 or 50% (for larger orders) of the cost of the item upon ordering.  When the knife is completed, the customer has 14 days to complete payment, or the item will be posted for sale in our online shop and the deposit is forfeit.  No items will be shipped until payment is completed.



Online Shop


Need it now? Occasionally items will be posted in our Online Store.  These items are finished and ready to ship right when you want them!



Payment and Shipping


We accept online payment through Paypal only.  In person we will accept cash, or trades for fine silver.  We ship through UPS to the Continental United States.  Shipments oversees must be discussed individually, as this adds a great deal of cost and risk.


We understand that a custom knife can be a large investment.  Because of this, we are more than happy to accept layaway for items in our online store.  We require a $100 deposit to reserve the item, and minimum payments of $100 per month via paypal invoice.  Please contact us for more information.

​Warranty and Maintenance.


Please contact if you wish to ship your knife to us for maintenance.  We will repair or sharpen any of our knives for standard use for no fee.  The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.


There will be cost associated with repairs on abused or mishandled knives at our sole discretion.

Returns & Refunds


All purchases of our cutlery are final.  If you are deeply unsatisfied, please contact us.  We will try to help you in any way we can.