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​Knife Care

Our knives will last a lifetime if cared for properly.  Hand wash and dry immediately. Keep your knife out of the dishwasher as it will damage and rust your knife.  Only cut on soft surfaces, never a plate, metal pan, or stainless table. Our best recommendation is a soft cutting board such as a Hasegawa, or an end grain wood cutting board. Never bamboo, it is very hard and abrasive and will dull your knife very quickly.  Our knives should only be sharpened by professionals or a practiced sharpener. Never use an automatic knife sharpener.  Store your knife in a block, in the zippered soft case we provide, or with an edge guard if stored in a drawer or knife roll.


How Do I Place An Order?


Many of our knives are made to order.  Submit through our contact form, or send a direct email to us to chat about what we can do for you.  The wait time on custom orders can be quite long, often several months.  Please plan for this when ordering.  


We ask a nonrefundable deposit of 20% of the cost of the item upon ordering.  When the knife is completed, the customer has 30 days to complete payment, or the item will be posted for sale in our online shop and the deposit is forfeit.  No items will be shipped until payment is completed.



What do you have in stock?


Need it now? Occasionally items will be posted in our Online Store.  These items are finished and ready to ship right when you want them! Everything we currently have available will be listed on our website. You are welcome to schedule an appointment to see items in person before purchasing.



Payment and Shipping


We accept online payment through Paypal or Venmo.  In person we will accept cash, or trades for precious metals.  We ship through UPS to the Continental United States.  Shipments oversees must be discussed individually, as this adds a great deal of cost and risk.

​Warranty and Maintenance.


Please contact if you wish to ship your knife to us for maintenance.  We will repair or sharpen any of our knives for standard use for no fee.  The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.


There will be cost associated with repairs on abused or mishandled knives at our sole discretion.

Returns & Refunds


All purchases of our cutlery are final.  If you are deeply unsatisfied, please contact us.  We will try to help you in any way we can.

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