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~We offer several classes and one-on-one private lessons. These lessons focus on the proper and safe use of many shop tools, and cover everything from basic knifemaking to more advanced forging technique.  I do not claim to be a master, but I do have a great deal of tips and tricks to share, and a well stocked workshop for you to take advantage of.

~The Skill level noted in each class is a recommendation. We will do our best to accommodate any student for any class or private lesson they wish to complete. Minors must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian, and all students must sign a waiver.

~Classes and Private Lessons are to be paid in full at the time of scheduling.  Private Lessons may be rescheduled with 24 hour notice.  Classes and private lessons are nonrefundable once purchased. Committing to a spot in a class or lesson takes a slot that someone else may have wanted, please be sure before scheduling.

~For all lessons, proper shop attire and etiquette is expected. Safety is our primary concern. Students showing improper attire will be asked to change, students not following safety instructions will be immediately asked to leave with no refunds given.

~Classes and private lessons can be purchased in our Store Page.  After purchasing we will contact you with instructions or to schedule your private lesson. Multi-day private lessons will have the dates spread out to accommodate your schedule and ours.  

~Note: Please only purchase private lessons from our store AFTER contacting us to discuss the student and content you wish to learn. Classes are on a first come first serve basis.

Two Person Classes


Intro to Knifemaking - Forge a simple blacksmith's knife


Beginner Level


This is our beginner forging based knifemaking class.  The students will make a forged all steel utility knife from a bar of carbon steel.  Students will forge a blade by hand or using the striker and director technique, quench and temper the blade, then the instructor will grind the bevels, and teach the student to sharpen the edge.  Each student will leave with a finished and fully functional forged carbon steel knife.

Expect a 5-6 hour lesson.

$450 per student

Private Lessons


Forge a Blacksmith's Knife 


Beginner Level


In this one day lesson the student will learn to forge, heat treat, and grind a simple blacksmith's knife.   In this lesson, the student will focus on hammer and tong control, heat control on oddly shaped objects, how important the order of operations is in forging, and the nuances of thermal cycling and heat treating.  The knife will be forged and normalized in the morning, annealed at lunch, ground and heat treated in the afternoon, and sharpened as the final step.  The student will leave with a fully finished and functional knife.

Expect a 5-8 hour Lesson



Forge and Finish a Hunting Knife


Intermediate Level


This lesson expands on the Blacksmith's Knife curriculum.  The student will learn to forge a hidden tang hunting knife with a 4" blade, a hot fit guard, and a pinned micarta or wood handle.  Emphasis on forging the knife close to shape, keeping things clean and straight through the forging, and forging to a design.  This class will expand into the realm of woodworking, covering how to design, plan, and create a comfortable and functional handle for a hard use knife.  


Due to the construction methods, and more advanced heat treating techniques, this class is taught over three days which must be scheduled individually.

Expect 3-4 five hour Lessons.



Forge and finish a Chefs Knife 


Skilled Level


In this lesson, the student will learn to forge one of the most difficult styles of knife.  Forging a chef knife has a great deal of nuance, and we know many tips and tricks that will aid in success. This lesson is recommended for those who have experience forging knives, and want to add a new skill to their arsenal.  The knife will be forged and heat treated on the first day, ground on the second, fit, finished, and glued-up on the third, and completed on the fourth or fifth day if needed.  Everyone works at a different pace, and a chef knife is a large undertaking.  The student will leave with a fully finished, functional chef knife with a pinned micarta or wood handle.  

Due to the construction methods use, and the difficulty of forging and grinding chef knives, this class is taught over 4-5 days which must be scheduled individually. The length of this class may vary depending on the student.

Expect 4-5 five hour Lessons.



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