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Professional Sharpening

Our experienced sharpeners are expertly trained to sharpen a wide variety of tools the way they are meant to be sharpened.  


Home, Kitchen, Garden

Kitchen knives, Garden tools, Mower Blades, Sewing Shears, we can quickly and expertly sharpen anything from your home or garage.  Contact us now for an appointment, or drop off and pick up the next day.



We can sharpen everything your workshop needs to create high quality wood products.  Carbide circular saw blades, planer and jointer knives, chisels, chainsaw chains, hand saws.  Contact us today to drop off your stack of dull sawblades.  One week turnaround.


Waterstone Sharpening

Professionals know that high-end kitchen cutlery should be sharpened by hand.  Let our talented sharpeners take care of your favorite daily driver so that your prep shift will be a breeze.

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