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Each purchase of this item is space for one student on the date listed.  Check the remaining "stock" to see how many spaces remain available.


Classes begin at 10am and run as long as they need to, approximately 5 hours.


See our Lessons page for faq's and information. Please contact us with any questions you have before purchasing. No refunds given for class spaces except in emergencies.


This is our beginner forging based knifemaking class.  The students will make a forged all steel utility knife from a bar of carbon steel.  Students will forge a blade by hand or using the striker and director technique, quench and temper the blade, then the instructor will grind the bevels, and teach the student to sharpen the edge.  Each student will leave with a finished and fully functional forged carbon steel knife.

Expect a 5-6 hour lesson.

4/20/24 - Intro To Knifemaking - Forge a Simple Blacksmiths knife

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