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Purchase this only if you have contacted us and discussed your private lesson ahead of time.


Please go to our Lessons page for FAQ's and more information.


In this lesson, the student will learn to forge one of the most difficult styles of knife.  Forging a chef knife has a great deal of nuance, and we know many tips and tricks that will aid in success. This lesson is recommended for those who have experience forging knives, and want to add a new skill to their arsenal.  The knife will be forged and heat treated on the first day, ground on the second, fit, finished, and glued-up on the third, and completed on the fourth or fifth day if needed.  Everyone works at a different pace, and a chef knife is a large undertaking.  The student will leave with a fully finished, functional chef knife with a pinned micarta or wood handle.  

Due to the construction methods use, and the difficulty of forging and grinding chef knives, this class is taught over 4-5 days which must be scheduled individually. The length of this class may vary depending on the student.


Private Lessons - Forge and Finish a Chefs Knife

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